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Go Lightly Home Consignment
New London 603-526-8201     Bradford 603-938-1838

Our Home Gallery store is full of beautiful furniture and collectibles. We receive new inventory everyday!

Have some pieces to consign? Please call us at 603.526.8201

to book an appointment.

Home Gallery Consignment Policy

To Start

We're dedicated to the resale of household items and furnishings.

Book an appointment today. Items should be CLEAN and season appropriate. Our staff will examine and choose items that fit our demographic. Allow 15 minutes for appointments.

We can also view your items on-line. Simply photograph your items and send to


Pricing and Sales
Go Lightly is committed to selling our consignors’ wares. We price items to sell. Unless we make a special arrangement with you on a specific piece, unsold items will be donated. Items are placed on the sale floor for 60 days, after which we will reduce the price. However, to secure a sale, we may drop the price on a given item at any time.


Go Lightly’s Position and Release

Go Lightly is committed to providing
a happy and exciting environment for consignors and shoppers 
to buy/sell unique and affordable treasures. 
Go Lightly is not responsible
for items lost, stolen or destroyed. We reserve the right to donate 
items before their expiration if they are damaged or deemed
out of season. 





Consignor Accounts

You will receive 40%-50% of the final sale of your items.

These earnings accumulate in your store account and may be used as store credit in either the Home Store or Women's Boutique, or you may ask for a check​..  


Due to COVID-19

We may limit the number of checks any given week as we recover from our  recent closure.   


We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding at this unprecedented time.


Inventory Process

Within 24-72 hours, your accepted items will be re-examined, researched, inventoried and placed on the sale floor.During this phase, if we discover damage that makes an item unworthy, it will be recycled without contacting the consignor.

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